The decade opened to an explosion of sound with ‘The Beatles’ and
‘The Rolling Stones’ heralding a period of immense cultural and scientific
change and achievement. It finished with a man walking on the moon!

Mini skirts arrived, National Service ended but the war in Vietnam
escalated; President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and the
problems of Northern Ireland continued with the British Army taking
over security duties in 1969.

The School, with R. W. Shaw as Headmaster, developed academically
and Sports, Musical and Dramatic activities were all greatly expanded.

New School Opens

Eastbourne Grammar School was certainly not immune to change and in 1962,
after a very difficult period of operating Eversley Court and the new school,
the move to the new purpose built campus in Kings Drive was completed.

It was noted at the time that “despite the massive disruption during the
move the School continued to attain excellent academic, sporting and
community achievements”

A tribute to Mr Rex Shaw, Miss Easther and the Staff and pupils.


This History is a
reflection on the many
factors that helped
shape the development
of Eastbourne
Grammar School
since its foundation
in 1899 – the buildings,
Headmasters, Staff
and pupils, all
important influences
throughout the years

Contributions have
been taken from School
Magazines of the
period which together
with the many
photographs provide
an interesting insight
of the changes in
school life during the
78 years of the
School’s existence

More articles and
photos will be added

  Viscount Monckton
at the opening of the
new premises at
King’s Drive 1962
School Outfitters,
Sports Shops and
attractive career
prospects were well
advertised in the
School Magazine
  Rugby 1st XV
Football 1st XI 1963/64
Critically Acclaimed

Michael Morley’s Dramatic Society productions continued to “innovate,
educate and to please”
throughout the decade and “Reginald Bertin’s
Concerts are attracting increasingly large numbers of satisfied customers”

Undoubtedly through these and many other cultural activities the School
enjoyed a very high profile in the community of Eastbourne.
‘The Life of Galilleo’
‘The Italian Straw Hat’
  Cadet Corps 1961-62    
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