C. J. Blackburn with a group of pre-war Staff


He was appointed as a temporary Science Master during
the War and remained to become Handicraft Master post
war. He was an expert craftsman and encouraged many
boys to a high standard; with some becoming
Handicraft Teachers.

During the Second World war he obtained qualifications
to teach Physics and thereafter taught the subject to
the Science Sixth when the School was evacuated in
July 1942 to Hitchin.

Although badly afflicted by asthma he supported the
School Orchestra as both a soloist and orchestral player
during the whole of his career. He died suddenly in
January 1946 having inspired boys and colleagues by his
resolution, cheerfulness and determination in the face of
almost continuous illness.

K. S. SMITH 1919-1964

Appointed straight from College to take charge of
Form 1, the Prep Dept, a task he continued until its
abolition in the late 1950’s. Noted for qualities of
patience, kindness and understanding which ideally suited
him for his responsibilities with the younger boys.

In earlier days he contributed to House sporting
activities and trained the First Aid Section of the Cadet
Corps. During the War he accepted the post of second
in command of the Corps. He was held in great affection
by both boys and his staff colleagues; he spent all his
45 teaching years in the School, always in the
background, quiet, self effacing and reliable.

W. L. VELLENDER 1919-1954

Taught Chemistry in the Technical Institute where he
remained when the School moved to Eversley Court, for
the new home had no labs and therefore boys travelled
back to the Institute for teaching over 9 years until new
labs were built.

He therefore taught in some isolation from the main
School imposing sound discipline upon his charges
tempered by a kindly generosity. An inspector reported
tentatively that he was “perhaps a little severe in his
but boys knew that ‘his bark was worse than
his bite’ and that he always had their best interests at
heart. Generations remember his ‘bellow’ with affection.

H. J. BONFIELD 1920-1958

He joined the School as French Master following service
in the First World War and was associated with the Cadet
Corps for most of his career, mainly as Commanding
Officer. During further active service in 1939-45 he was
awarded a French decoration in recognition of his work
as liaison officer with the Army. The boys nicknamed him
‘Flom’ following his oft repeated description of fighting
around the small town of that name in Norway.

His meticulous orderly manner well suited him to the post
of Editor of the School Magazine (published every term)
for many years; an appreciation of him written in that
publication commented upon “his courteous and
gentlemanly qualities as being reminiscent of the ethical
standards of earlier days”

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R.W. Shaw with members of Staff 1952

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