R. W. Shaw with members of Staff 1971


Appointed as Classics Master just before the outbreak of
War he returned after War Service to make important
contributions to School life. Teaching with flair and
distinction, his last pupil in Greek was awarded a first
class degree in Greek at Oxford.

He was one of the pioneers in the introduction of Rugby
to the School and supervised Cross Country running and
Athletics whilst also enjoying participation in Gilbert and
Sullivan plays in School.

In 1956 he was promoted to Deputy Head and until his
retirement, largely due to ill health, supervised the many
changes brought about by the Head. The new Staff
appointed in the fifties enjoyed his accounts of the
apparently more relaxed early years and his equable

R. H. MALLEN 1948-1977

A ‘larger than life’ character he had a considerable
influence as PE, Games and Woodwork Master. Things
were rarely quiet when he was present! Pre-war he
worked in Industry in his home town of Wolverhampton.
He joined the RAF under age and parachuted from a
burning plane to spend the remainder of the War in
captivity. He returned home in a wheelchair but
recovered sufficiently to regain his pre-war skills as
goalkeeper and to represent Bournemouth FC in the first
post war season.

He decided on a change of career and entered Teacher
Training College at Eastbourne. A man of firm conviction
on any subject he relished discussion and argument not
least on the football field where he represented
Eastbourne Town with distinction for many seasons.
Good judges said he would have represented the England
Amateur XI if he played for a London side. Boys loved him
recognising that they would ‘get a square deal’ and that
there was no malice in his occasional booming anger; they
enjoyed the time and care he gave them. Many Old Boys
visited him in School and his home to his great delight.

He willed and coached himself to proficiency in Cricket
and Golf encouraging boys as he did so. He was an
endearing character with many virtues but not fond of
change; he died in the last year of the Boys School and
one wonders what the girls would have made of him and
he of them. His open friendly avuncular manner would
surely have pleased them.

M. H. ROMANS 1950-1976

As Art Master he maintained the very high standards
associated with the School whilst also contributing to
other aspects of its corporate life. He was an outstanding
cricketer in his youth and played in the Minor Counties
competition; for many years he coached the younger
eleven’s of the School. He was also very interested in
Drama, having acted at school and gave willingly and
lavishly of his artistic talents to the School Dramatic
Society enduring the whims of producers and providing
sets for the increasing number of plays.

Colleagues and boys loved his unflappable manner,
incisive humour and the wit which enlivened many
wearisome moments.

He retired saying he would miss being a Senior House
Master but most of all “the long climb up the too many
flights of stairs to the Art Room”

He had a standing in the Art World publishing cartoons in
national periodicals and acting as Chief Examiner for the
Cambridge University Board.

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