He had an amazing 50 years’ association with the School for he joined it as a pupil in the third term of its existence and became a member of the Science Staff in 1903 – “on trial for a month”!

It seems likely that he was a pupil teacher, for he is recorded in October 1903 as one of the first two pupils who matriculated in the University of London. With such a record of service it is accordingly difficult to estimate the hours of valuable work he contributed to every facet of the life of the School.

In addition to his purely scholastic duties he devoted much time to dramatic work and entertainment at School functions; he himself was a very accomplished performer. He is remembered as a ‘dry old-stick’, gifted with a vein of satiric humour who did not suffer fools gladly in his insistence on high standards of work and conduct.

For nearly two thirds of the Schools existence he was present to set and maintain a tone, establish an ethos, and to use his long experience to give kindly advice and help both to pupils and his colleagues.