History teacher


A historian ‘par excellence’; he had the knack of bringing the subject alive, so much so that one old boy claims he ran in anticipation to his lesson! This wisdom, patience and exceptional dedication inspired many pupils to success in public examinations and, in a number of cases, to gaining Open Scholarships to Oxbridge; for some years it was only in History that such successes were won.

“Acres of paper and pints of ink don’t make a good essay” was his oft quoted truism. When not in the classroom he was to be found in the Library where with ‘tobacco reeking sports jacket and grey flannels’ he presided as Chief Librarian for very many years. In his younger days his skills were utilised in the Cricket XI when they were playing adult teams, and for many years he presided over a School Stamp Club.

When appointed to the Staff he represented the young amongst many veterans; when he retired 41 years later his contemporaries recognised him as one who today would be called ‘A Super-Teacher’, as well as being a loyal member of the School staff, a splendid colleague and a good friend.